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Career Confidence’s career guidance service is provided by Mary Quirke. Mary is a professionally qualified career guidance practitioner, registered with the Irish Institute of Career Guidance Counsellors and the British Psychological Society.

After leaving school with little idea of what she wanted out of life Mary started studying on a Science Degree programme but left before completion to take up a place on a Nurse training programme. Having qualified as a nurse she decided to specialise in midwifery and worked in Ireland and the United Kingdom. At the time job security was an issue with permanent jobs very hard to come by. Having considered moving further afield to either the United States or the Middle East she instead decided to concentrate on achieving further qualifications in order to achieve greater employment security. With a general interest in counselling she examined her options and, almost by chance, became interested in the area of career guidance. In the absence of qualified career guidance Mary relied on the advice of friends and college tutors and made a ‘leap of faith’ to make a change. She went on to secure a professional qualification in Guidance and Counselling, and has since built up a wide portfolio of experience working with FÁS, the Rehab Group, the HSE and FETAC in the area of guidance, education and training.

The experience has allowed Mary to develop a great understanding of the difficulties faced by individuals who are unsure of what they should work at, or who are unsure of how to apply their natural strengths and abilities. Consequently, Mary has developed ‘Career Confidence’ – a service that aims to provide clear and comprehensive direction to clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Mary Quirke is also co author of 'Sorted - A Survival Guide for Parents of Students Making a Career Choice'.

Mary Quirke is co author of 'Sorted - A Survival Guide for Parents of Students Making a Career Choice'.

‘An excellent source of information for parents seeking to support their children’s exploration of their career development options.’
Brian Mooney, guidance counsellor and educational columnist, Irish Times
‘This publication is a timely, comprehensive, well-written, easily accessible, informative and practical survival guide for parents of students making a career choice. It simplifies a complex process and fills a niche in the marketplace. No parent should be without it!’
Muireann Ní Dhuigneáin, Head, DCU Careers Service

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