Career Confidence can help when changing career:

If you are thinking of changing your career, this may not be the first time.  Most people change their careers several times in their lifespan, and the frequency of this happening is increasing.  Some are forced to change. Others choose to change. Some are looking for more meaningful work, or a brighter future. Many are dissatisfied with their job and want to find a more satisfying career.

Regardless of your reasons, you want to take the time and make the effort needed to ensure that you don't make a decision you will regret.

You will make your best decision if you follow these three guiding principles:

  1. Know Yourself
    Know what is important to you and what is not.
    What kinds of work tasks or activities are attractive to you?
    Be clear about what you expect from or require of a job.
    Write your ideas down.
    Then, you will know what to look for when choosing among jobs or careers.
    You need to understand your personality, values, skills, and abilities when looking for a career that will fit you best.
  2. Know Your Options
    Learn about jobs that are most likely to meet your expectations.
    Think of as many alternatives as you can. And, then learn about each one.
  3. Make a Good Decision
    Follow a simple, scientific method of decision making.
    Consider consulting a qualified career counsellor.

Remember - Do NOT allow your job dissatisfactions to go unresolved for long - It is important to work out a solution if your job is making you unhappy.