How does career confidence work with you?

Prior to the first meeting you are requested to fill in a preliminary form which reviews your past work and education experience.

The consultation is about ‘working through the guidance process’and is in 3 phases. The first phase is exploratory. It involves a lot of questions and talking. The second involves testing. The final phase is about identifying goals and giving feedback. The process takes about 3 hours (not without a coffee!). After the consultation, you will receive a very comprehensive report. Should any additional learning needs be identified, as Career Confidence is part of a multi-disciplinary network; a safe referral can be made and advice given.

What do you mean a ‘Comprehensive Report’?

A Career Confidence Guidance consultation not only identifies what you can do – but also outlines how you can achieve it. Researching and identifying routes to courses of study or work is a key part of the process.

After a consultation you will receive a comprehensive report which will also provide any relevant information for pursuing a work or study area (both at home and further afield). Where there is testing the report will outline the results of any testing. All reports and results are confidential to the client.

The report will be clear and understandable with links to websites that you will find immediately useful

Who does the consultation?

The career guidance consultation is carried out by a professionally qualified career guidance practitioner, registered with the Irish Institute of Career Guidance Counsellors and the British Psychological Society.

What does it all cost?

The total cost is €500 – inclusive of all tests and reports. You meet with a qualified counsellor for 3-4 hours, they undertake research on you behalf (for another 3-4 hours) and present you with a report which give you the information you need to put a career plan in place and get moving in the right direction.

No gimmicks. No hidden or extra charges.