Career Confidence - Career Guidance - What is it all about?

Do you ever feel that life is not being fair?  You can’t get the job you want or you are not sure of the type of work that really suits you?  Do you need to make a career change?  Or perhaps you have just lost your job through redundancy, restructuring, company closure, injury or disability?

Or perhaps you are confused about college courses and employment prospects? Do you want some clear straightforward advice enabling you to make the right moves? If you can identify with the above questions you could benefit from some high quality career guidance from a qualified career guidance professional.

‘Career Confidence’ puts you in control of your own career.

We will help you set your career direction and give you the information you need to succeed.

We will take you through a process that helps you identify career directions likely to give you job satisfaction and success, a process that helps you make the decisions and set the goals and objectives, and then helps you plan how best to achieve them.

Career Confidence works with:

  • students choosing subjects for leaving certificate
  • students making college applications in Ireland and abroad
  • adults making career changes
  • parents who want to understand more about their child's choices
  • parent groups
  • student groups

What is Career Guidance?

Career Guidance is a process, carried out by a qualified and registered professional, that will help to identify your aptitudes (what you are good at), your interests (what you prefer doing) and key traits in your personality that make the difference between just working and actually enjoying what you do.

It is also about providing the necessary information and direction on how to secure an education course or work.

Remember, there is a distinct difference between discussing different jobs and actually working through a process to find what suits you.

Career Guidance is ultimately about what you need to know about yourself right now to move forward.

Mary Quirke is co author of 'Sorted - A Survival Guide for Parents of Students Making a Career Choice'.

Mary Quirke is co author of 'Sorted - A Survival Guide for Parents of Students Making a Career Choice'.

‘An excellent source of information for parents seeking to support their children’s exploration of their career development options.’
Brian Mooney, guidance counsellor and educational columnist, Irish Times
‘This publication is a timely, comprehensive, well-written, easily accessible, informative and practical survival guide for parents of students making a career choice. It simplifies a complex process and fills a niche in the marketplace. No parent should be without it!’
Muireann Ní Dhuigneáin, Head, DCU Careers Service

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