Some people career confidence has worked with…

  • Marian, Junior cert student – ‘I am confused about my subject choice and feel I need to plan ahead’. Marian was not at all sure of what subject to take – or even not to take. She was very aware that some subjects were necessary for certain careers – and her favourite – woodwork and technical drawing – were not a typical subject for a girl. She wanted to be sure that she had options even if she decided to continue with it for her leaving certificate.
    Marion is now a teacher in a community school – teaching woodwork.

  • John, Leaving Cert student – was under pressure with his CAO application – it was all very confusing and what was worse was that he was not at all sure of what he wanted to work at. All he knew was that he would like to be a social worker or a teacher or maybe even a forensic scientist .
    He is now very happy with his college course knowing that he can still keep his options open for the future – ‘Now that I know what my options are after college – the further study programs both here and in the UK I feel happier – I have a plan’.
  • Deirdre, working with a large company in a position that involves a lot of travel – ‘I need some direction – this job is only ok – I know I cannot do this forever, but what can I do as I need to travel so much’.
    Deirdre is now doing a distance learning program from Sweden (through English) which suits her busy working life and has a concrete career plan.
  • Kevin, having completed 1rst year in third level – knew he had made a poor choice with business studies, ‘I need a change – I only did this because I didn’t get my first choice on the CAO application. I really wanted to be an occupational therapist but I didn’t have the points’.
    Kevin has now completed his third year in the UK ( in occupational therapy) and is very happy with the experience.
  • Avril, completing her degree this year – but still had no idea what she wanted to do. ‘I feel that my degree is taking me nowhere. I have no idea where I am going or what I want to do – in fact I have a better idea of what I don’t want to do!’
    Avril is studying a postgraduate course to be a teacher in Wales.
  • Ann – wanted to return to the work. She hadn’t worked for 10 years as she had stayed at home. However she needed to take into consideration that any work would have to give her the flexibility to be a mother as well.
    Ann completed a degree in Social care and is now working as a care assistant on a part-time basis in a local hospice. She loves it.