Career Confidence – Progressing Careers

We all know that job security is a thing of the past. What many people don’t realise, however, is that they can enjoy career security.

Or perhaps you are confused about college courses and employment prospects? Do you want some clear straightforward advice enabling you to make the right moves? If you can identify with the above questions you could benefit from some high quality career guidance from a qualified career guidance professional.

Stop thinking ‘job security’ and think ‘career security’…

Think career planning and progressing your career

Career security is when you can pick up new and good jobs quickly. You can enjoy career security if:

  • you have clear occupational goals; you know what you want to do;
  • you are good at selling yourself, you have a great curriculum vitae and interview well;
  • you are positive, and you have confidence.

Career Confidence provides face-to-face coaching, training, and resources

  • to assist you develop your career goals,
  • to write curriculum vitae that get results,
  • to work out the strategies to win at interview,
  • and most importantly – how to maintain a positive and confident outlook.

Career Confidence takes you through a structured individual process to help you decide what is most likely to bring you job satisfaction and therefore success. If you enjoy your work, you have a much greater chance of being successful. The process also helps to build confidence and a positive attitude because you know where you’re going.

If you have found an area that you would like to work in but you’re not really confident about how best to set about it, we can help you.

If you are not sure what you are going and would like a career plan – give us a call.